Get stronger in LOCKDOWN

Get In-Shape with Heart & Soul Hoops Training Club 

The HSH Training Club

Are you stir-crazy in today’s COVID lockdown?

Get IN-SHAPE with Heart & Soul Hoops Training Club for the School Holidays. HSH Training Club is an online training system with ON & OFF court features to get active & achieve real results from home. HSH Training Club offers LIVE Bootcamp classes, 4-Week Training Programs, Fitness Challenges, Fun Contests, Nutrition advice and expert help from professional coaches. HSH Training Club is for players of all levels. We're offering flexible programs & support for the entire family, so we can all come back from this lockdown stronger than ever.

To kick off the School Holidays, Heart & Soul Hoops is running a Holiday Basketball Bootcamp (27 Sep - 4 Oct)

Basketball Bootcamp for School Holidays

To kick off the School Holidays,  Heart & Soul Hoops is running an online Holiday Basketball Bootcamp (27 Sep - 4 Oct). Only 45 spots available. So save your spot today & Register Now.

What is a Bootcamp Class?

A Heart & Soul Hoops Bootcamp Class is a LIVE 45 minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Basketball Class. Each class incorporates basketball-specific training intervals and basketball superset drills that will both challenge your basketball skills & push your fitness level. Holiday Bootcamp is for players of all levels. All sessions can be done at home. No hoop required!

How Does it Work?

All Bootcamp players will join a LIVE Online Group Class with their coach. After completing a Bootcamp class, players will track their progress in the Heart & Soul Hoops Training App. Plus, players can access bootcamp challenges & bootcamp skills contests.

For the School Holidays, Pre-Bootcamp runs in Week 1 (20 Sep - 26 Sep), and Bootcamp runs in Week 2 (27 Sep - 4 Oct). If you book Bootcamp in Week 2, you get Pre-Bootcamp for FREE! Pre-Bootcamp is an on-boarding week to help players get Bootcamp READY! Pre-Bootcamp is designed for players to safely jumpstart their fitness program and connect with other Bootcamp players. Pre-Bootcamp offers FREE LIVE Bootcamp classes, FREE strength & conditioning assessments, and FREE HSH App demos. Pre-Bootcamp is FREE for all booked Bootcamp players.

In Week 2, Bootcamp is LIVE. Bootcamp is designed for players to get in shape and compete with confidence. In addition to daily Bootcamp classes, players can enter a Bootcamp Skills Contest and Bootcamp Group Challenge. Bootcamp is for players who are ready to GET FIT, challenge themselves and compete with their mates for fun! 

How Do I Sign Up?

Register for Bootcamp today to save your spot. There are only 45 spots available for Holiday Bootcamp. Early bird specials are running until 17 Sep. And we are offering Group specials are available for families & teams.

Register Here

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