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How to make the most of your lockdown as a Basketball Player


Calling all athletes who are in-shape, out of shape or dealing with an injury in LOCKDOWN!

Sydney has been in Lockdown 2.0 for over three months, obviously nobody wants it but it’s a harsh truth that we face. Most people during this time are obviously anxious, worried and maybe even scared with all the uncertainty that they are facing. I however view it differently…

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade’? Just with anything in life there’s always positives and benefits of any situation, it's just your perspective (how you look at it). A big positive during Lockdown is having a lot of EXTRA TIME ON YOUR HANDS and that means opportunity. And the biggest opportunity for young athletes is to get started in their strength training journey.

I know what you're saying… But Coach Jase, there's no gym access during lockdown! And whilst that may be true, what you need to know is that it is completely unnecessary to need a gym if you’ve had less than 4 - 6 months experience of strength training or are currently detrained (which is likely most of you). 

Why is a gym unnecessary?

Why is a gym unnecessary you ask?
Because strength training requires you to have certain standards to meet (just like any sport) so that you will be safe and prepared for the higher demands of advanced strength training that will yield tremendous results to help you in basketball That’s why you should join our Virtual 7-Day Basketball Bootcamp! It’s the perfect place to start getting back your Skill, Strength & Fitness so you can be prepared for the high demands and challenges when the competitive season gets back! P.S. We have Foundations! … The perfect program to start your strength training journey (continues on after Bootcamp) that needs minimal to no equipment at home and will prepare you for the gym after the lockdown! 

S&C Program: Foundations - Beginning Balanced Body
S&C Program: Foundations - Beginning Balanced Body

S&C Program: Foundations - Beginning Balanced Body


The perfect program to start your strength training journey! This program focuses on balancing the strengths of the whole body to prepare you for the advanced lifting methods you will encounter in the gym. No gym equipment required. Perfect for the COVID-19 Lockdown!


-  4-week Program

 -A FREE 30 min on-boarding session.


Playing Level: Beginner - Advanced

For Boys & Girls

Minimum age is 11 years old

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About Me

I empower young athletes and people in pain to regain confidence in their bodies so they can Do What They Love to Do and Do It To their Best Ability! I’ve worked with numerous Professional teams such as Sydney Kings & New South Wales Waratahs and youth athlete development centres such as League Fit Academy and Manly United Football Club. 

My job as a Strength & Conditioning coach / Sport Scientist is to remove all the guesswork in what is causing you to miss out on being able to express the skills you learn with Coach Alex. So if you're interested in making the most of your training & playing season, then come and have a chat with us! Please enquire about 4-Week Strength & Conditioning Training Programs.

Meet me at 7-Day Bootcamp!

Meet me at Heart & Soul Hoops Holiday Pre-Bootcamp runs in Week 1 (20 Sep - 26 Sep), and Bootcamp runs in Week 2 (27 Sep - 4 Oct). If you book Bootcamp in Week 2, you get Pre-Bootcamp for FREE! Pre-Bootcamp is an on-boarding week to help players get Bootcamp READY! Pre-Bootcamp is designed for players to safely jumpstart their fitness program and meet other Bootcamp players. You can join my FREE Strength & Conditioning Class and I can give you a FREE assessment. 

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