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Families around the globe are still experiencing some major training & playing challenges this year due to COVID-19. Heart and Soul is supporting parents in Oz and abroad to keep their kids entertained. This October, we are launching our NEW Contactless Training line. HSH Contractless Training is an online mentoring service that can help families make lifestyle changes, develop basketball-related skills and stay active. We are helping parents, with zero basketball experience, keep their kids happy, active and entertained at home through contactless training.  
  • Our NEW online mentoring product line is flexible, affordable and offers a wide range of services for kids of all levels. Sessions can take place in the home, outside in the backyard or driveway, or even on an outdoor court. Families can subscribe for a daily session or sign up for FLEX-sessions that are ad hoc. 

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Contactless Training

Are you out of shape or in need of a program? Sign up for Daily Routine to build a custom program and boost your skills on the court. Want to unplug and reduce stress? Have a look at our Soul Time includes weekend workshops for the entire family and sessions are designed to boost your general mental health and wellness. Book your interactive 30 min video session with Alex today and select your preferred time slot in online registration form. 

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In addition, Heart and Soul is launching a FREE online community called Better Basketball Support. Better Basketball Support is an online community where parents can come together, learn and discuss all things basketball-related. Our free community supports parents who want to take their kids to the next level! When you join the Better Basketball Community, we'll give you Alex’s FREE Cheat Sheet called: "7 Things You Don't Need To Be A Great Basketball Player!" When you read this PDF and follow these steps, you’ll get insider secrets on how to take your game to the next level. 


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Coach Alex

As a player, Alex has a basketball career that spans almost a decade. She is a 3-time All-American and National Champion. As captain of her team, Alex has lead the Azusa Pacific University Cougars to a National Championship during the 2010 - 2011 season. She was recognized by the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame for outstanding play during this period. Her mission is to create an environment where young players are both engaged and empowered through basketball. 

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