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Are you in “basketball-shape”?

Most players say “Yes”, when the truthful answer is “No”. Many teams play in local comp...out of “basketball-shape”. Many players enter Reps trials...out of “basketball-shape”. Many coaches teach offensive sets to their players...who are out of “basketball-shape”. Many parents demand better gameplay of their child...who is out of “basketball-shape”.

First glance

Here’s the reality: being in “basketball-shape” is essential for your success. The key is endurance, so players must be able to go from A to B without punking out. Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, families must enforce proper conditioning before setting high expectations for gameplay and Reps trials. Trust me, if you want to stand out this season...just come in “basketball-shape” because I can guarantee the player next to you ain't gonna be in shape!

Elite basketball players invest in conditioning drills because we don't want fatigue to set in when the game is on the line. For example, in 1995 Nick Anderson stole the ball from Michael Jordan in the NBA playoff series, leading to Orlando’s victory over the Bulls in Game 1. Michael admitted that he wasn’t in “basketball-shape”, and that his fatigue resulted in a fatal turnover that cost his team the win.

So what steps can you take to get in “basketball-shape”?

Try the 2-minute drill: 20 made full-court layups in 2 minutes. 

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How to start

The 2-minute drill is simple and effective! It is the hardest conditioning drill that I’ve completed as a basketball player and it is the hardest conditioning drill that I’ve given my players. It requires the player to push the ball at a dead sprint for 2 minutes straight and finish all lay-ups while fighting fatigue. You’ll need a full-court, a stop-watch, a basketball, and a whistle. A good score is 15-17. An elite score is 18-20. A perfect score is 20.

I recommend you do the drill with somebody. You can choose a parent, a coach, or a friend. Share your result with others! Post your 2-minute drill on our Better Basketball Community to see your rank & which family gets the highest score.

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