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Are you in shape? Try to do 20 squat thrusts in 30 seconds right now....how’d you do? 

Lockdown fatigue and COVID-weight gain are a phenomenon that shows us how much the human body needs to move in order to maintain a level of good health. Our bodies need movement in order to boost our energy.

My lockdown experience is overcoming inactivity and chronic fatigue with daily exercise at home. For me, the lockdown is like living in a parallel universe where I don't notice just how out of shape I am; Raise your hand if you sometimes do a double-take in the mirror to ask yourself “who the heck is that?!” 

First glance

At first, lounging on the sofa watching Netflix is fun but then house arrest becomes an unpleasant torment. To my shock and horror, during the lockdown, my legs--particularly my quads--are atrophying and were very weak. Like a domino effect, after my legs grew weaker my stamina drops and my posture worsens. I’m so out of shape that going for a 30 min walk outside is challenging. This is my wake up call to take action and get back in shape. My first step is to build a daily routine: commit myself to one exercise a day and build over time as my strength & conditioning comes back. My number one priority is to build my leg strength. 

How to start

A daily routine to build leg strength is essential for anyone who is fit and active. For athletes, especially basketball players, you need strong legs for explosiveness, stamina, balance, and injury prevention. Have a look at my favorite leg exercises that you can do at home. These exercises build the quads, strengthen your core, and raise your heart rate.
If you want to get in better shape or if you are in need of a custom program, then sign up for a Contactless Training Daily Routine session. Daily Routine incorporates fitness and basketball-related skills in order to create your own personalized routine.

1. Forward Lunge + Reverse Lunge Combos (4 x 15)
2. Pop Squats (4 x 30 seconds)…try to get 20 squats
3. Jump Squats (4 x 20)
4. Jump Lunges (3 x 30)
5. Jump Lunge + Jump Squat Combos (3 x 10) 

Daily Routine
Daily Routine

Daily Routine

Create a daily routine with Alex! An interactive video session that incorporates fitness and basketball-related skills in order to create your own personalized routine.
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