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March 2020

Welcome to the 14th edition of the Heart and Soul Hoops' newsletter.

This is a free newsletter designed for past and present clients, their friends and relatives, colleagues and friends of Heart and Soul and special interest groups: really, anyone you know who may have an interest in basketball and Sydney sport.


Welcome to March Madness...Heart and Soul Hoops style.

March Madness is a celebration for all basketball players, parents and fans. Why is it madness? Because this month, we are taking things to the next level.

Attention all PARENTS!
This month, Heart and Soul Hoops is showcasing our new FREE Transportation service during Open Gym Week (March 16- 22). Our open gym sessions grant both teams and players full access to all of our professional training during the week and includes free gameplay and free transportation. A Heart and Soul Hoops shuttle will pick up registered Open Gym Week students at school, and then transport directly to the training venue. All teams and players must register to secure a spot on the shuttle.

Attention all PLAYERS! 
On March 9, early bird registration opens for the HYPEMAN Event 2020 (April 14).  The HYPEMAN Event is a basketball showcase where players can enjoy the college experience: professional coaching, shooting contests, 3ON3 tournament, and live entertainment. Our showcase welcomes ballers of all ages and skill levels together from youth, teens, and elite players for a day of fun and spirited competition.

And that’s not all…

On March 15, Heart and Soul Hoops is launching our first HSH Gear Shop for all HSH customers. We are proud to announce our partnership with Sportility, which will grant our teams, players and parents access to affordable, professional gear. 

So in this edition we look at: We hope you enjoy the articles.
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What Happens Next...

Strong silent types won't play at the next level.  Young players must learn to "talk the talk" AND "walk the walk".


A team can consist of outgoing, talkative players or shy, timid players.

Which one are you?


The first step is unlearning the stigmas of “loudness” or even assertiveness, which may be perceived as arrogance or even bossiness! Regardless of your off-court identity, your on-court persona must breed intense, loud communication. 
In organised basketball, youth players must learn the importance of effective communication. “Effective” is the key word here  → players must be loud, precise and incessantly verbose! 

Why? Becasue communication separates a good team from a great team. 

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Prep + Potential

After a solid 2-3 months of training our athletes with our preparatory program, we are now two games within the competitive season. During these two games I have observed some great progress and also some areas of improvement within our squad.




Lower Body (Great Progress)

We have seen some great improvements on the squads balance, agility, quickness and ability to attack and defend on the perimeter due to our preparatory program which placed a greater focus on lower body strength, mobility and landing mechanics. 



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Thank you Friends + Clients

Thank you friends and clients of Heart and Soul Hoops. Our mission is bolstered by the support of our customers. Since our inception, Heart and Soul Hoops has served over 700 kids in Sydney. If you would like get involved with Heart and Soul, please contact us about upcoming training events. 


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