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February 2020
On a Personal Note

Welcome to the 12th edition of the Heart and Soul Hoops' newsletter.

This is a free newsletter designed for past and present clients, their friends and relatives, colleagues and friends of Heart and Soul and special interest groups: really, anyone you know who may have an interest in basketball and Sydney sport.

Term 1 is here. Are you in shape? Are you enrolled in a top-tier program? Preparation is the key to success...

The Heart and Soul Hoops training season begins next Monday February 3rd. In term 1, we are launching our new academy, our new training clinics and our new 2-week Intensive Programs. Today, Heart and Soul Hoops is running “Back to School” Promotions on all programs.  Sign up for a HSH Term 1 program before January 31st to receive a Back to School discount on your training package. 

Looking for a Training Program? Heart and Soul Hoops is launching an new Academy for Term 1. Our Academy is for players who are seeking adevelopment pathway that includes weekly training sessions, gameplay, take-home programs and FREE training packages. The HSH Academy is for everyone! So whether you are Learn to Play or turning 18 years old, our Academy has a tailored program for every stage of your development.

Want to play 3v3 in Term 1 2020? To kick off the New Year, Heart and Soul Hoops is launching Year-round Competitions for U12s- U20s teams. Today, Heart and Soul is offering year-round comps for Sydney teams, players, coaches and referees. Teams will play regulation games, experience professional coaching and have fun with like-minded players. This term, we invite SOLO Players &  Teams (3-5 players) and players to sign up for the HSH 3ON3 competition, which kicks off February 26th. The HSH 3ON3 Competition includes weekly games, finals round and weekly team training for ALL registered teams. 

So in this edition we look at: We hope you enjoy the articles.
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What Happens Next...

It's the quarter-final game and I'm playing on the BIG court. Every step I take is painful. I have Osgood Schlatters and the pain is radiating up to my knee like a bolt of lightening. I block it out because we are up 1 possession and with only 45 seconds remaining in the game. I don't want to let my team down...and there is a sea of collegiate scouts I need to impress.

Coach calls a timeout and draws up an offensive set on the white board. Of course, he puts me at a different position, “Alex, you have a mismatch. So after you inbound the ball, you’ll start at the high wing and wait for flex cut from Marelle after you set a pic for Sarah. You understand?” I’m tongue tied. I’m thinking, “Yes, I got about 45% of what you said”. Before I know it, the referee blows his whistle. It's game time..

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Prep + Potential

Hi Heart & Soul Fam Bam! 


Coach Jason here once again with a little piece for all of you. This is especially ESSENTIAL FOR THE DRIVEN ONES !
 Because today we will be talking about GOAL SETTING! 


And it's a very simple 3 step process to which actually will lead you to Achieve your goals. It’s simple but not easy...


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Thank you Friends + Clients

Thank you friends and clients of Heart and Soul Hoops. Our mission is bolstered by the support of our customers. Since our inception, Heart and Soul Hoops has served over 700 kids in Sydney. If you would like get involved with Heart and Soul, please contact us about upcoming training events. 


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